3 expert dating tips if you are dating a ts girl

Nowadays, with a slew amount of transgender apps come to the fore, an increasing amount of people started transgender dating. However, more than 6,000 complaints have received by one of the most popular transgender dating app saying they find it extremely hard when it comes to dating a transgender women or transgender men. Thus we have invited a group of expert dating counselors in order to optimize your dating experience with ts girls or ts guys.

Stop stereotyping your ts date.

It is true that there is a tremendous amount of stereotypes regarding shemales, crossdressing men as well as ladyboy, which lead to extremely easy labeling. And transgender girls and transgender guys are being stereotyped by their special half way too often. If you are going to view your partner as someone different than the others or even consider as those kind of sexual unicorns, please save both you and your potential partner a favour, leave them alone.

It’s too early to get into the bedroom without even one date.

Way too often that ts women as well as ts men are being over sexualized due to their genital parts which are different from the others, which is also why they are always violated by the others. According to the survey conducted by the magazine Trans, more than 78% of t girls as well as ladyboys have experienced a terrible first date because their date tend to ask way too many personal questions, sometimes even sex related. Note that not only it is a massive turn off for your ts hookup date, but also a brutal show off of your ignorance. If you truly want to find a ts date on a transgender app, treat him or her like a normal decent individual who wouldn't get intimate after the first date.

It is still essential to set ground rules.

No matter who you are dating: a pre-op girl, tomboy or a cis women, you still need to discuss the things you do in the bedroom and set the ground rules. For instance, how comfortable is it for your ts partner to perform oral stimulation? Will your transgender women accept penetration, or even hardcore ones? There are a lot of things you need to talk about before take things to another level with your ts girl or ts guy.

Be accepting and supportive.

Dating a transgender means you have to give him or her enough support along this long and hard way of transition. From financial support to pay for the surgery to side effects and pain after it, this relationship is meant to a much harder than usual. So be accepting and supportive for your trans girls or trans guy is a must if you are going to spend the rest of your life with this amazing man or woman. It will be your loss to give up on a amazing transgender girl who hasn’t had her boobs done yet.