Best Tips for threesome with other women along with your Girl friend

Threesome dating with other women along with your girl friend is quite one of the best sexual fantasies for every men in his entire life that he want to fulfill. But not every girl is quite ready for having threesome especially in beginning. So you need to be sure and confident to have a threesome along with your girl friend for any cost and one time you will be got what exactly you are looking for. There are many tips and tricks that you can apply for having threesome with other women along with your girl friend.

If your girl is bi-sexual - if you are dating with a girl who is bi-sexual than it's always a big plus for you and you have the best change for having threesome with other women along with your girl friend. Being a bi-sexual, your girl friend can easily agree for yes as she is also having fun and can fulfill her desires while having threesome.

What happens when your girl is straight - in most cases approximately in 80% cases, you are dating with a girl is not bi-sexual. Your girl friend is straight and that's why she is with you and you are hookup with her. But what about threesome, how you can agree her for having a threesome with other women? If you really want to have a threesome and eager to ask from your girl friend to have a threesome, you need to be very confident before asking for threesome from your girl friend and wait for the right moment and the perfect mood of your girl friend.

Never try to ask or share your threesome thoughts in regular mood or ordinary way. Create a romantic environment first, make your girl friend hot by saying some dirty talks and do kinky activities in the same time. Once she is full of excitement and start giving response to your dirty talks then play your game and start asking about what you think about threesome. Never go straight and ask – would you like to have threesome with other women? These types of straight forward talks will destroy all the feelings and you will get nothing. First try to know about her thoughts for threesome. It's obvious that is will neglect to give her view or response for having threesome but this isn't mean that she is not comfortable and not allowing you to convince her for threesome.

This may also leads that she is feeling bit shy for convincing her fantasy regarding threesome. Here you make the things normally and share the benefits for having threesome. Tell her that having threesome doesn't mean that she is going to leave you or getting bored from you. Having threesome means you will only want to feel new sexual experience and want to observe a completely new excitement that you will get along with two women in same time.

When your girlfriend agree with having a threesome, then you can use some dirty tinder apps to find the third partner. There are lots of good app for threesome out there, the only thing you need to do is choosing the suitable app, like 3rder, an amazing tinder for threesomes, will be a right app.

You know your partner very well and also know how to convince her for anything. Use these tips and try your luck for having threesome. Good Luck!

Reasons for Slim Guys Don't Marry Big Women

As the development of curvy dating, big girls become more and more popular nowadays. Men are really attracted by big girls, especially slim ladies. We all don't know why, maybe they want to experience something different. After all, slim girls cannot attract all kinds of men, some people prefer to slim girls, while others prefer to big girls. Although there are many men prefer to date and play with big girls, it's easy to find that most of men don't marry big girls. Do you want to know the reason?

1. Dating a big girl is quite a different experience for slim guys. With so many slim girls around them, they may have aesthetic fatigue and want to try something new and different. Big girls are totally different from slim girls in almost all aspects, so slim guys choose to date with big girls. Moreover, slim guys are fond of adventure and they cannot stand the same everyday life, so they are willing to have fun and in love with big girls.

2. Slim guys don't want to stay with fat girls in public place, they don't want to watch a movie, travel and shopping with a fat girl. For slim guys, big girls are their best choice to experience something new and different, but never want to have a lifetime relationship with them.

3. Another important reason is that fat girls are not as young and energetic as slim girls. Most of fat people don't like sports, so they may look old and spiritless. However, slim girls are young, sexy and charming, they look 10 to 15 years younger than their real ages. As time goes by, fat girls get older and older, but slim girls are still young.

4. After giving born to their baby, fat girls are more likely to gain weight than slim girls. After multiple births, fat girls become fatter and fatter, while slim girls still have a quite decent figure. Men tend to marry a slim girls, because they need a young and healthy wife with beautiful figure.

5. Men want to have a partner to have children. In consideration of child and health, they often choose slim girls as their life partners. It's hard for fat girls to get pregnant or they may even can't be a mother because of their over weight and health problem.

6. Men need to care about girls' health condition when hookup with fat girls. Fat girls are not healthy enough to have a long walk, go hiking or do strenuous exercise. So, most of men tend to have a healthy partner and never think about her health condition.

We cannot deny that most of men don't want to marry a fat girls, they like girls look healthy and young. However, it's not mean that nobody likes fat girls. We can find that there are some dirty tinder apps which can meet the preference for all kinds of people. If you are willing to date and marry a big girl, BBW dating site is the best choice for you. There are many beautiful big men and women, you can easily find someone that really match you and start a new life together.

How to Make Your first Date With an Older Woman Successful

Have you heard of cougar dating? If you don't know what a cougar is, then you completely leave out on the opportunity for dating young and older. The cougar means older women who are dating a younger man. Sometimes young people are called "cub", and the cougar dating relationship is the latest trend in the hookup dating community.

For various reasons, young men like older women. Older women are rich and tend to be stable. They exactly know what they need in their relationships and they do not play games which make things easier. All of these reasons explain why young men pursue them. But what about the other way? Why do older women like younger men? How can younger men make the first date with older women a success? Here are the tips to help you.

Be easy to get along with and fun

When dating, younger men seem to be "less attached", because younger men often do not seek long-term relationship, which meet the needs of older women. So, if you really want to successfully date older women, don't be too attached to them. You just need to be fun and easy to get along with, and you'll find that you're more attractive to older women. Keep this in your mind, older women don't like drama at all. So try not be angry and frustrated and remain interest in your cougar. Having a happy time is your common purpose. So stay fun and charming and take things easily.

Do not violate your promise

At the beginning of your relationship, you usually need to remain faithful to your commitment, regardless of the actual situation. Don't make guarantees that you can't realize, because it will infuriate your cougar and prove to her how naive you are. So if you say you want to contact her at a specific time, then call her at that certain time. Never make promise that you cannot follow. If you can't finish commitment, don't let her know. Maybe the woman you are dating is mature, but she still cares about the details.

Learn to communicate via message

You should know how to send emotional instant messages, because you need to text messages to keep in touch with older woman. If your content is sentimental enough to allow the corresponding picture to appear in her mind, you can be sure it will make her a good day. A good text message can not only accurately express your love for her, but also improve your relationship.

Keep real

When dating a cougar, the most important thing is to be yourself. More experienced women are insightful and have dated quite a few men before you. They are capable to tell when you are real and when they are fake. So you always have to stay true in front of them. If necessary, you can do some exercises before a mirror. If this relationship does not develop into serious, then do not feel disappointed about this. No matter what happens, keep calm and have fun.

There are useful tips for having a successful dating with older women dating. If you are a introverted man who is too shy to talk with older women in real world, online dirty tinder apps are your right place to go.

Online Transsexual Dating Tips

Online dating is quite popular and each and everyone are looking forward to take benefits of online dating. Online transsexual dating is also one of them. Finding a online transsexual date is quite very easy and focused. You can see millions of transsexuals around you when you are finding a single date for you in web. There are many online dating websites that offering services for transsexual dating and many transsexual women are connected and live in transsexual hookup apps.

Few people think that, picking up a transsexual date online is quite easy and they can pick a transsexual date anytime. This is purely a case of over confidence but the real fact is, picking up a transsexual woman for a date is quite not easy. In fact, you have to do much more efforts to impress a transsexual woman online and make her agree to go with you on a date.

Online dirty tinder for transseuxal dating is quite one of the best way for guys who are not very social and don't like to go out in pubs or bars. Online dating is quite effective for those also who are working and didn't get a time to go out and find a date from their daily busy schedule.

If you are looking a transsexual date online then you need to know few things about transsexual online dating because finding a trans woman online isn't quite very difficult, in fact you can see millions of transsexual woman all around the globe in your screen but maintaining a relationship with a transsexual woman is quite more important than anything else. This is what, where you need to work and that part of online dating will take all your extra efforts from your end. Try to engage yourself more with a transsexual woman when you meet any one in online. Try to connect or chat with her on regular terms and never use any choosy or pick up lines that every online guy use to impress a transsexual woman.

It is better to not try any random transsexual women that you see in web. It's better to filter some that have something common in between you too. Like interest, hobbies, likes or dislikes anything that helps you to start a conversation between you too. You may know these things by visiting their profiles and the updates they posted in their profile time line. Once you start a conversation with any of transsexual woman that you like, it's best to make it long and interested, never end the conversation by saying - yeah me too or end the topic. This thing will make your conversation boring and might be she loses interest soon from the conversation and might block or leave you for no good reason.

Once you are all set and get hints that she is the only perfect transsexual woman whom you can date with, it's time to share you contact numbers and finalize a place for your first transsexual date.

Why Few Men Don't Want to Date a Transsexual Women?

Dating is necessary for everyone doesn't matter you are gay, lesbian, straight, bi-sexual, transsexual or transgender. Trans dating becomes so popular after online dating sites come into action and offering services for transgender dating. Many cis genders and transsexual women ate together with the help of this online transsexual dating websites and completely enjoy the transsexual dating. Instead of this, many cis men among us don’t really want to date a transsexual woman and they have their own reasons behind this. Many of them think that dating a transsexual woman will consider them as gay or people around them raise questions about their character.

Where dating a transgender woman is someone's fantasy on the other hand, there are men that really ignore transsexual women and never think themselves with a transsexual woman.

In a survey, it is estimated that 4 out of 10 men are not in favor of transsexual hookup and they don't want to date any transsexual women. This is really a serious matter and after discussing with these men. They have different issues or questions regarding transsexual dating and a transsexual woman. Here are few of the reasons that we get a chance to know after discussing with them.

Dating a transsexual woman with considers them as a gay - This is one of the main issues with guys who don't want to date a transsexual woman. They think that they become gay or their friends, family or relatives will consider them as a gay if they date a transsexual woman. My personal advice to those who think the same, this is not exactly a transsexual dating and you are not becoming a gay if you date a transsexual woman.
Transsexual women love to date a straight man and not a gay. You don’t need to worry about your character status while dating with a transsexual woman. You won't become gay or nor consider as gay.

Transsexual women often ask for money after dating - This is other misconception between cis males that are not in favor of dating a transsexual woman. They think that transsexual women will ask for money and also will take advantage of yours if you are dating with them. Transsexual women too want a regular dating and the only thing want you are to treat them gently and give respect as you are giving to other cis women while dating with them. Transsexual women to have emotions and self respect and they are not after money or demanding any extra benefits from you while dating with you.

The best part of transsexual dating is, if a transsexual woman wants you to be their life partner and want to stay with you in a relationship for long, you are the luckiest person and off-course the one that completely enjoy a transsexual dating.

Transsexual woman isn't a family woman - this is the matter of thinking. Yes, it's right that transsexual women won't give birth to kids but there are other ways to have kids like adoptions so. This is the only reason that stops you to date a transsexual woman, than there are alternate too. Think positively and enjoy transsexual dating.

The First Step to Being Transgender Is Accepting Yourself And Loving Yourself

One of the biggest challenges transgender people face is accepting, embracing and loving themselves. Accept their true self, their feelings and needs and accept that not everyone around you will agree with every choice and decision you make. But, for a transgender dating person, choosing to love and respect yourself instead of forcing others to do it for you every day is the best decision to make in life. We need to know that our greatest challenge is not to find self-love but to know who we really are to destroy the wall that we have built, which includes our shortcomings, our refusal, etc.

The way you love yourself

1.Tell yourself that you love where you are and believe in your abilities because you are a rare gem and that you are special.

2.Start believing in yourself, everything you have and everything you want.

3.Avoid perfectionism because no one is perfect, and accept your flaws to make yourself better.

4.It's not right to be mean and vindictive to yourself, so learn to forgive and forgive your past mistakes. Always keep a positive attitude to face the future and overcome negative views of yourself.

5.Build a strong connection with your inner self and get to know who you really are.

6.Above all, take care of yourself.

With over 7 billion people on the planet, you shouldn't be swayed by negative comments from others. Be the best transgender person for yourself and society, and treat people the way you want them to treat you. Instead of thinking negatively about "I'm an incomplete person because I'm a transgender person," you need to think about "I'm a special, wonderful, incredible person with the capacity for understanding, empathy and love.". Believe that you are the source of so many good things, and if you want to keep reminding yourself of this, make a list of things that make you feel good. Go back to your inherent love because that's your birthright. Focus on your strengths and what you need to improve. Learn to accept negative judgments and try to improve them so that each part of you gets the highest possible rating. Furthermore, you must learn to shift the focus from criticism and judgment to tolerance and compassion. You are a victim of faith, you have the right and ability to create a unique version of yourself, and don't stop being the best shemale.

Sometimes we are trapped in the cage of our own spiritual world, learning to pursue freedom and love our true self. Only when you respect and love yourself can others respect and love you. Remember that you are your own worst enemy, and by defeating yourself negatively, you can overcome and surpass yourself. For transgender people, the best way to love yourself is to show your true self, overcome your flaws and let everyone see the best of you, then you can have a great trans dating.

Which Types of People Are More Likely to Join Threesomes?

The more ways we can have to know about threesomes, the more we will be interested in having threesomes with our friends or just strange people. If you ask people if they are willing to engage in a three way lifestyle for fun, I think most of them will say yes as long as they are able to find them suitable partners. Thanks to a variety of threesome dating websites and online dating apps, it seems that much easier for people to meet and find some great threesome amateurs around them.

But we also know it is a fact that the number of people who have been in a threesome dating is much smaller that the number of people who haven't been in one before. People want to experience a threesome to know what it is like and we believe they can fulfill their sexual desires in the end. Then, which types of people are more likely to join threesomes for fun and if you are one of these people, have you ever thought about making some changes in your life?

Bi-sexual people are the biggest group people who are eager to participate in threesomes. Being bi-sexual people, most of them having fantasized about making love with one same sex person and one opposite sex person at the same time because they believe they only this ways to get real satisfaction. As a result, we often see bi-sexual people looking for their partners and actually, they don't need to spend much time to get a threesome relationship with other people since they are usually easy to get along with.

Rich people are also reported being more likely to involve threesomes. According to a survey conducted by 3rder hookup app, the result show us that there are more rich people seeking a third person for some kinky dating. It is common that rich people have much time to have fun and more chances to meet beautiful women or handsome men so that they are often filled with temptations around them, threesomes for instance. So it is not difficult to understand why they are ranked to be one group of those people.

People with strong sexual desires are more likely to join threesomes. I think it is quite easy to know a fact that people with strong sexual desires always want to have sex with different people in order to fulfill their desires and they are very glad to have more options of sex so that they can experience new things as many as possible. However, we don't think there is something with them while sometimes they are more open than ordinary people because having a threesome is no longer considered to be something bad in today's society.

Real Threesome Stories: Speaking from Experience

No matter now much erotic scenes of threesome you have seen in a adult website or a X-rated movies, you are still aware of the fact the real three way sex is different from those played on the screen with a script. There are too many so-called dating expert on the couples dating apps, tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples, but we often neglect the fact that no one has more say that those swingers who have already experienced the polyamorous dating in real life? Thus we have interviewed a few registered member on one of the most successful online dating website for those who are looking for threesome, and assembled their most memorable experience with their partner as well as the three way partner.

Maria J. Black, 28: "It was about ten years ago when I have just finished my high school, and can't wait to explore the unknown around me. Even though at that time this kind of kinky hookup is still considered as a taboo and no one dares to talk about it in open air, I still managed to get more information of it online. And then I was introduced to a community which is flooded with couples seeking women, women seeking couples, guys who are passionate about wife threesome and wife sharing, anyway, just those swingers living a swinging lifestyle. And then, a lovely couple come to me and at that night, they took me to a fancy restaurant. And then, our relationship between each other get closer and closer and then one day night when we were watching a movie, we start to make out spontaneously. As you can imagine quite easily, we had sex, which is my first and best threesome ever. I guess it's always much better to build a connection first before take things to another level. At least it is always the case for me."

John, 30: "I was very young at that time. As a stupid college student who just want to look cool to others, I said yes to the threesome offer immediately from a couple. Frankly, the sex itself was not bad. But I’ve got myself into a depression after the sex. I just can't convince myself to say Hi to an attractive girl I met on the road anymore. Now I'm married and a father of two lovely girls, I realized that threesome is simply not for me. So make sure it is something you won't regret doing before it's too late."

Roxy, 22: " I'm not ashamed to say that I've been called the s word all the time as my lifestyle is a bit different from the others, or have more sex partners. And threesome is amazing which gives me an enormous amount pleasure both mentally and physically. In my opinion, threesome is perfect for open-minded people who are into bisexual dating. The only thing you have to pay attention is make sure every one is clean."