Reasons for Slim Guys Don't Marry Big Women

As the development of curvy dating, big girls become more and more popular nowadays. Men are really attracted by big girls, especially slim ladies. We all don't know why, maybe they want to experience something different. After all, slim girls cannot attract all kinds of men, some people prefer to slim girls, while others prefer to big girls. Although there are many men prefer to date and play with big girls, it's easy to find that most of men don't marry big girls. Do you want to know the reason?

1. Dating a big girl is quite a different experience for slim guys. With so many slim girls around them, they may have aesthetic fatigue and want to try something new and different. Big girls are totally different from slim girls in almost all aspects, so slim guys choose to date with big girls. Moreover, slim guys are fond of adventure and they cannot stand the same everyday life, so they are willing to have fun and in love with big girls.

2. Slim guys don't want to stay with fat girls in public place, they don't want to watch a movie, travel and shopping with a fat girl. For slim guys, big girls are their best choice to experience something new and different, but never want to have a lifetime relationship with them.

3. Another important reason is that fat girls are not as young and energetic as slim girls. Most of fat people don't like sports, so they may look old and spiritless. However, slim girls are young, sexy and charming, they look 10 to 15 years younger than their real ages. As time goes by, fat girls get older and older, but slim girls are still young.

4. After giving born to their baby, fat girls are more likely to gain weight than slim girls. After multiple births, fat girls become fatter and fatter, while slim girls still have a quite decent figure. Men tend to marry a slim girls, because they need a young and healthy wife with beautiful figure.

5. Men want to have a partner to have children. In consideration of child and health, they often choose slim girls as their life partners. It's hard for fat girls to get pregnant or they may even can't be a mother because of their over weight and health problem.

6. Men need to care about girls' health condition when hookup with fat girls. Fat girls are not healthy enough to have a long walk, go hiking or do strenuous exercise. So, most of men tend to have a healthy partner and never think about her health condition.

We cannot deny that most of men don't want to marry a fat girls, they like girls look healthy and young. However, it's not mean that nobody likes fat girls. We can find that there are some dirty tinder apps which can meet the preference for all kinds of people. If you are willing to date and marry a big girl, BBW dating site is the best choice for you. There are many beautiful big men and women, you can easily find someone that really match you and start a new life together.