Translr, an Amazing Dirty Tinder Dating App for Transgender People

What is Translr?

Translr is a brand new dirty tinder dating app that devotes to helping people find and establish a meaningful trans relationship with the like minded people. What is the best part about Translr is the fact that it is totally dedicated to transgender people and crossdressers. Here, you are able to find people interested in every aspect and every kind of transgenders. Right from crossdressers to transgender and transsexuals, all of these in the same place, under the same roof.

Translr is not only an app that helps you find a suitable partner for you, but it is a community. It is a comfortable and private place where you can connect and make friends with people who share the same interests with you. What will amaze you most when you sign up to this app is the friendliness and the cleanliness the members of the community treat each other. It is not a place where people would laugh at you and mock you. It is a place where people are open to the different desires and are willing to support you.

Honest to say, Translr allows transgenders and people who crave for trans dating to achieve their fantasies. This app is derived by you and your desire. Therefor, if you are positive about ts hookup, then try it and pursue it, don't worry about the judgement from others. Translr can help you find the partner.

What kind of people and community?

This community gathers all sorts of people. Right from transgender people to other general people. All of them are present on Translr and want to find the lovely trans relationship they want. What is the best way to experience the most wonderful part of Translr is spending time to using this app on your iSO device. The installation process is simple. All you need to do is searching Translr at Apple Store and then create your account. Once you have finished the signup, you are supposed to embark on a different journey of transgender relationship.

Translr has a beautiful and clean interface, in which you can browse the profiles of other members. And you can swipe profiles left or right as per your preference. If you don't find anyone satisfy your demand, you can make use of filter available to narrow down the search results and have some better matches. Just like other traditional dating apps, whenever a match is made, you will be notified and then you are able to talk with him/her further. It is a chance you two can get to know each other and if you find the match is quite in tune with you, this may be a good start of a lovely relationship.


All of people deserve to have a serious relationship. Translr is an amazing dating app for transgender people. It is a small and powerful app which can help achieve trans people achieve their dream. That is why you need Translr. It is an app that is worth every penny and every minute you put in. It is a community which is a doorway to trans relationship.