Why Few Men Don't Want to Date a Transsexual Women?

Dating is necessary for everyone doesn't matter you are gay, lesbian, straight, bi-sexual, transsexual or transgender. Trans dating becomes so popular after online dating sites come into action and offering services for transgender dating. Many cis genders and transsexual women ate together with the help of this online transsexual dating websites and completely enjoy the transsexual dating. Instead of this, many cis men among us don’t really want to date a transsexual woman and they have their own reasons behind this. Many of them think that dating a transsexual woman will consider them as gay or people around them raise questions about their character.

Where dating a transgender woman is someone's fantasy on the other hand, there are men that really ignore transsexual women and never think themselves with a transsexual woman.

In a survey, it is estimated that 4 out of 10 men are not in favor of transsexual hookup and they don't want to date any transsexual women. This is really a serious matter and after discussing with these men. They have different issues or questions regarding transsexual dating and a transsexual woman. Here are few of the reasons that we get a chance to know after discussing with them.

Dating a transsexual woman with considers them as a gay - This is one of the main issues with guys who don't want to date a transsexual woman. They think that they become gay or their friends, family or relatives will consider them as a gay if they date a transsexual woman. My personal advice to those who think the same, this is not exactly a transsexual dating and you are not becoming a gay if you date a transsexual woman.
Transsexual women love to date a straight man and not a gay. You don’t need to worry about your character status while dating with a transsexual woman. You won't become gay or nor consider as gay.

Transsexual women often ask for money after dating - This is other misconception between cis males that are not in favor of dating a transsexual woman. They think that transsexual women will ask for money and also will take advantage of yours if you are dating with them. Transsexual women too want a regular dating and the only thing want you are to treat them gently and give respect as you are giving to other cis women while dating with them. Transsexual women to have emotions and self respect and they are not after money or demanding any extra benefits from you while dating with you.

The best part of transsexual dating is, if a transsexual woman wants you to be their life partner and want to stay with you in a relationship for long, you are the luckiest person and off-course the one that completely enjoy a transsexual dating.

Transsexual woman isn't a family woman - this is the matter of thinking. Yes, it's right that transsexual women won't give birth to kids but there are other ways to have kids like adoptions so. This is the only reason that stops you to date a transsexual woman, than there are alternate too. Think positively and enjoy transsexual dating.