Not to Do This Things in Front of a Man You Like

My best famale friend told me she had broke up. I was quite puzzeled because I never knew whr she had a boyfriend so I asked her what was wrong. She told me she knew a man from a BBW dating app and this boy was in our city. At first, she found this boy was good-looking so she started to chat with him and then, Then, she found that the boy's family was rich and he was humorous. It can be said that this boy is her ideal type. After chatting for about two days, my friend asked the boy out to see a movie.

But it's strange that my friend found that the boy didn't like chatting to her very much after meeting her. My friend thought thay because this boy was cool at first, so she still insisted on sending messages to this boy every day. Finally, the boy didn't reply. In fact, from what she said, I knew the problem. She was too anxious about the boy. You know, most guys who use chatting apps want to look for excitement, so hook up women who are too easy to get are not attractive. In other words, you are too eager to express the admiration of the men.

If you don't understand it, you listen to me and explain it slowly. First of all, I hope girls will understand what is normal initiative. For example, you think a boy is really good, so you want his contact information. Or send a message to a boy who has a good feeling. It's all normal because it's very difficult to succeed in pursuing the boy without the first step of active contact.

I can understand that you really think this boy is very good and he is just your ideal type. So you don't want to lose him. You want to make an appointment with him as soon as possible. It's better to confirm the relationship. If you have this idea, I think you are more likely to lose this man. It's very simple. Normal boys don't like hookup girls who are too active. What you should do is to signal the boy that you still have some affection for him, so he can start to pursueyou. As a woman in the new era, I certainly support curvy dating girls' active pursuit of boys, but as I said, girls like boys and should release favorable signals to let boys pursue you.

Boys will enjoy the process of pursuing you, because it will give them a sense of accomplishment. You can imagine that if the boy you like is a playboy, your excessive pursuit of him will make him feel that you are very casual and he will not cherish you at all. If the boys you like are introverted, they are likely to be scared away by your initiative. Therefore, I still suggest that girls should not over show you like boys.

Hope girls will not do this thing and more girls will find their destiny. And don’t forget you are the one for someone so we don’t have to be so eager.