Some questions that you can’t ask your transgender date

The characteristic of people is different in great degree. But you should know these tips are applicable in general which will not potentially hurt the one you really loved. Sometimes people’s mental capacity is much weaker than we expected. So it's especially important to protect the self-esteem of the person you like.

At the beginning of transgender dating, we are all fresh who don’t know what we should say and do. Maybe some questions will hurt other’s self-esteem. In order to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I've prepared some questions here. And avoiding ask these questions can help you process to the next level.

There questions that you had better not ask. Otherwise, you are taking risks.

The first question that you can’t ask is whether you are a virgin or not.
If you want to ask this question, just shut up immediately. Maybe you think it is okay, but I want to say the virginity of mine and anyone’s is none of your business. This question is particular disrespectful. There is no one ask you how many women you have had sex with. I don’t know whether it is a common question among men in the other countries, but among men in our country, this phenomenon is very common. Is virginity really important in men's minds? Why don't most women ask their partners to be virgins? If you really care about it, I suggest you find a girlfriend from kindergarten. Not everyone has to live up to what you want. So now you must realize that this question is very outdated and inappropriate. Keep polishing your communication skills and you can think about some good questions that can promote the relationship between you and ts dating partner.

The second question that you can’t ask is you are a top or a bottom.
If you are going to ask me this question, please take your question to hell. Are you going to pay me? Trandr is a transgender hookup app for transgender men and women. You should know you will finally face this scene in real terms when you have known the transgender girl for a period of time and have a tranny date with her several times. If you don’t want the relationship end up in vain, you should not ask the question in the beginning of establishing the relationship. Keep curiosity is not a bad thing, but if you break transgender women’s principles, there be no good ending.

The second question that you can’t ask is what the size of your penis is.
Not every transgender woman can calmly accept her penis. For example, one of my transgender girl friends really can’t accept her penis that he won’t even look at it. When she took a bath, it was like a fierce battle. Because in the deep of her heart, she believe that she was a woman, but God made a mistake when he created her. This is the diversity of gender cognitive.

So, lovely you ,the transgender women here are looking their love.

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