One Hit-up a Day, Loneliness Away

What would you say when trying to start a conversation with a girl? Life is always full of surprises. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or what if you meet some girl who you really want to take to bed for tinder hookup? Today I will offer some tips for you. How can I start a conversation with someone I like? Speaking of hit-ups, more and more young people now make friends through hit-ups. Don’t be prejudiced against it. It is also one of the good ways to cultivate self-confidence to make friends or even find tinder for hookups. Many men often see girls with a crush on the street, but they don’t know how to start a conversation.

Trace back to ten years ago, the common way to hit up would be: "Hey, Leave your phone number?" How stupid and dumb it is. It was like five years ago: "Hey, interested in having a drink with me?" "I'm sorry, I have a thing." With the popularization of the concept of emotional intelligence and the improvement of the overall quality of the people, this is now the standard method of accelerating conversations.

"Hello, I think you are very temperamental, is it possible for me to get to know you?" In fact, the conversation includes these five steps: "Establishment of a sense of security + establishment of a sense of comfort + value attraction + fuzzy invitation." (Don’t worry, take a look, the focus is on the latter part)

If you don’t know how to chat, flirt, or friends with benefits, it’s okay, as long as you want to learn to change and improve yourself. Here are some fresh and refined tips to help you to hit up on a girl, which can be copied and imitated, and life is scene-oriented.

Last time we went to the street and did a questionnaire, "What are the traits of boys you can't stand the most". During the survey, something very interesting happened.
Colleague: "Hi, do you have time to do an emotional survey?"
Girl: "Yes"
Colleague: "Please select one trait of boys that you can't bear the most."
The girl returned the questionnaire to colleague after she had chosen. The colleague checked and though for a moment, and then made a shocked expression.
The girl hurriedly asked what was wrong, did she choose too many or what?
Colleague: "No, no, I avoided the traits you chose perfectly, like-minded, then… where should we eat this evening?"
Girl: "What?"
Colleague: "Oh, this is a welfare survey. I invite you to dinner in the evening, so I can have your phone number."
The girl felt very surprised and shy. But she agreed to give out her phone number.
Of course, the girls were unable to eat because of her agenda, but my colleague still got her number.