Two most important tips for casual hookup

Women don't usually talk about having a one night stand or tinder hookup experience. At least not as often as men. The society sets a stereotype for women for us to be gentle, romantic, sensitive and conventional. It seems that one night stand and women, they just don't fit. However, women do have one night stand. Who else do you think those men are hooking up with? It might not be so comfortable for women to talk about hook up with friends, therefore, here I will make some claim for you.

First of all, the desire of having one night stand if normal. If you want to hookup with someone without being emotionally attached, it's totally normal and okay. Many girls think they are exceptional, weird or socially unacceptable if they just want a hookup dating. This is actually a kind of sexism. Because if you are a man, we wouldn't have this discussion, but for girls, it's seems to be something worth talking about. Just remember, you are not the only one and you won't be the first one nor the last to wonder this question. Women hookup has been going on forever and it's totally normal. You might feel a little guilty at the first place, but it doesn't mean you did something wrong. Guilt is just something you are taught by your environment from family, friends, religion, etc.

One night stand is not a solution. This suits all human-being, including guys. Having a one night stand or a casual hookup can be very relaxing and free. Sometimes, it can be a good get-away from your current life status. Therefore, many people consider one night stand as a way to get instant pleasure, the cure for misery or the revenge on your boyfriend/girlfriend. However, this is totally the wrong way to deal with problems. Having one night stand cannot only solve it, it can only make it worse than it already is. Therefore, if you just come out of a relationship and you need some company, go to your friends and talk to them. If you are having a fight with your significant other, communication is the solution. If you are down in life, find a way to improve. Remember, one night stand and casual hookup is never the solution.

These are the two tips that I consider most important. Casual hookup and one night stand can be exciting and as dreamy as you expect if you know how to play it in the right way. Otherwise, it can also turn very bad. Note these two tips, you'll have bigger chance of succeed.